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Life Transitions or Feeling "Stuck"


There are many occasions that can disrupt or upset the "normal" balance or dynamic of a family or an individual's life.  Even happy events can trigger stress or strain as a person or family adapts to their new "normal."   Other times people report feeling "stuck" and unable to move forward with a change or transition even though they have the desire to.

Psychologist, Dr. O'Keefe, provides clients with an emotionally safe space to discuss the issues they are facing.  This practice assists and supports individuals to learn and identify healthy ways to cope with the distress they are experiencing.   

Examples of life transitions or potentially challenging events are listed below:

Loss of Loved One

Difficulty Coping with Emotions

Birth of a child

Postpartum period





Blended Families/ Step-families

Career Change

Lack of Motivation/ Feeling Stuck


Adults Experiencing Anxiety


Anxiety can get in the way of experiencing your life and participating in your life the way you want to.  Anxiety can make a seemingly "simple" task like making a phone call, sending an email, or speaking with a supervisor feel uncomfortable or even unbearable.

Sometimes people with anxiety spend hours thinking about whether they "said the right thing" or "did the right thing" or "sounded foolish" or "made a mistake."  This ongoing self-evaluation can cause significant emotional distress.

People experience anxiety in different ways.  Some describe feeling generally uneasy, overwhelmed, worried, or nervous.  Other people experience a sense of panic and fear.  Dr. O'Keefe uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to reduce anxious thoughts and teach new ways to cope with anxious feelings.

People Experiencing Challenges Growing Their Family


Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for people to experience challenges when they seek to grow their families.  These challenges can look very different from family to family.   Sometimes these challenges trigger feelings of isolation, guilt, sadness, anxiety, anger, and desperation.  

Many families experience the pain of pregnancy loss or trying to conceive without success.  Fertility treatment and infertility diagnoses can cause tremendous pain and distress.  This period of trying to conceive may feel like a lifetime of failure to a mother or father desperate to be a parent.  

Other people may be unsure of whether they want to have a child and need a therapeutic space to explore their thoughts and feelings.  We can provide this emotional safe space.

Whether the hardship is a diagnosis of infertility, fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, or insecurity regarding one's decision on whether or not to have a child, we can help.   Psychologist, Dr. O'Keefe, provides therapy in a compassionate and understanding manner. 

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