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Children Experiencing Anxiety

Difficulty Coping With Emotions

Difficulty Coping With Emotions

Children and teenagers who experience anxious thoughts and feelings may not behave the way you imagine when you think of anxiety.   

For children and teens, anxiety may manifest as irritability, restlessness, inattention, somatic symptoms (headaches or stomachaches), avoidance, tantrums, crying, meltdowns before school, having high expectations for their school or sports performance. 

Dr. O'Keefe utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist children in decreasing anxious thoughts and feelings, while increasing coping skills.


Difficulty Coping With Emotions

Difficulty Coping With Emotions

Difficulty Coping With Emotions

Sometimes children and teenagers have difficulty coping with emotions, such as sadness, disappointment, anger, or frustration.  These children may need additional assistance in learning social-emotional skills.  Examples of social-emotional skills are impulse control, frustration tolerance, and understanding the perspective of others.  

Dr. O'Keefe works with children and teens to identify any underdeveloped social-emotional skills, to explicitly teach and practice those skills, and to teach healthy ways to cope with negative emotions.


Life Transitions

Difficulty Coping With Emotions

Life Transitions

Major life changes can be difficult for children and teenagers to cope with.  Even positive situations can be challenging if they disrupt the typical family dynamic or routine.  Children may not fully understand situations that are occurring around them.  The transition period can trigger irritability, anger, sadness, withdrawn behavior, and separation anxiety.  

Examples of life transitions that can be challenging:

-Feeling jealous of a new sibling

-Blended families


-Moving to a new area

-Loss of loved one

-Family member coping with illness

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